Weapons for Kalarippayattu  

Weapon training and mastery in fighting with weapons were unavoidable in the old days.In KalariPayattu, after learning ‘meipayattu’ movements, weapon training is also started. First weapons made of cane are taken up and after skill acquired in them,wooden weapons are practised. The lethal metallic weapons are practised lastly. The weapon training begins with the 'Kolthari'( Stickfights).

Weapon fight start from Nedum chan ( 10 span stick ) as it is usually as tall as the individual's body (upto nose).Once a person attains competency over this long stick and is able to steady the eye movements,the remaining lessons become easy.Thus this long stick wielding is taught first among the weapons. The base mid portion and top of the stick is effectively used in both attack and defence.

Kuru vadi ( 3 span stick fight ) This is the fighting technique using a short stick about 3 span length that is used in both offensive attacks and defences.
Otta Kol( An elephant tusk shaped weapon)Like the grammar in any language, the Otta lessons are considered to be the grammar of kalaripayattu. The basic foundation for all higher weapons is laid during the study of the otta.The key 108 marma points on the human body can be precisely attacked and defended using this queer shaped weapon, covered in 9 lessons. The speciality of these lessons and the weapon is that it improves ones mental concentration tremendously.

Kadhara ( The Dagger )
This is first weapon in the metallic weapons section called the 'Angathari'.The dagger enables many swift and sharp defensive and offensive moves.It also gives the basic lessons on unarmed combats also.

Valum Parichayum ( Sword and Shield fights )
This is the standard fighting method followed for centuries holding the offensive sword and the defensive shield.Most feudal disputes were settled in the sword and shield fights during the olden days. Certain tactics in the fight having similarities to a tiger's offensive and defensive attacks are called Puli angam ( Tiger fights ). The beauty of the fight is when the fighters use the weapons as part of their bodies.

Udaval ( A curved sword )
A curved sword carried with the body along the waist is called the udaval. This style involves fighting a sword with a sword.It is a highly rythmic and scientific technique.

Urumi ( The Flexible Sword )
Urumi is a flexible double edged long sword. It can effectively defend and ward off an armed attack. Perfect mind body concentration is required to wield this dangerous weapon.

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