Prem Nath.R    
Chief Master, Rudra Institute of Martial Arts

Prem Nath is the Chief Master of Rudra Institute of Martial Arts. He started learning Kalaripayattu since his childhood. He follows the traditional martial art forms of his ancesters. He has learned Ayurveda, Siddha Vaidyam, Marma tratments, Vastu Sasthra and Astrology from his ancesters. He has deep knowledge in Kayakalpa Treatments.

He is an expert in Special Martial art form called Silambam. He cured a lot of bed ridden patients. He has a huge collection of palm leaf manuscripts about Kalari and Siddha Vaidyam like Marmma Aadi Peedam, Agasthyar Kambu Soothram, Dhanurvedam, Siddha Maruthwa nool, Adangal Soothram, Naramamsa nool...etc.

He is the Managing Director of Niketha Group of Companies. He is an IT expert and the CEO of Niketha Multimedia. He is a leading Technical Adviser in Web Hosting and Multimedia Industry.

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