Kalarippayatt - The traditional Martail Art of Kerala


Kalaripayattu is a type of warfare which is used for self defence in Kerala. It is completely a physical art which scientifically incorporates tricks for self defence, application using weapons, application in the vulnerable spots, exercise to bring the whole body under our control. Not only have this most of the other martial arts originated from Kalaripayattu.

In Kalaripayattu, there are several systems which include mainly the Southern and the Northern. All the system have different merits. So it is necessary to evolve a new system which contains the useful things of all the ancient systems.Our aim is to foster Kalaripayattu by bringing together the useful things of all these systems with the help of knowledgeable and honest Kalari Gurus in Rudra Kalari.

In Kalaripayattu, there is both physical exercise and meditation to bring the body under our total control.

There is complete training to counter the attacks by using weapons as well as bare hands.

Through Kalaripayattu we will be able to build a healthy body and firm state of mind.

Kalaripayattu is a visual art which anyone can enjoy.

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